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Finally... No more frustration and tech overwhelm. Get a former “Kajabi Ambassador” and his team to help you personally. Your tech woes will be a thing of the past!

Feeling frustrated with all the tech tools and integrations out there?

You ran into a problem, again.

You followed the instructions but it didn’t work…

You waited on chat again for the nth time…

You wasted so much time on small stuff that should never be a problem…

The more you reach out for help, the more you keep getting confused and tossed to and fro.

You start to wonder… can I figure this all out on my own?

If you’re wondering if there’s anyone who can help you with deep industry knowledge, check out the services below:

Tech Integration Services

Kajabi Custom Domain Setup
(and optional email configuration)

Your domain name is your professional address online. That’s why a custom domain is a must for any Kajabi Hero. We’ll set up your custom domain in a flash (and your email records too!). No hassle, no fuss.

Zapier Consultation & Setup

Argh.. Tech overwhelm! We get it. But we got you covered. We have years of experience with Zapier and we’ll get you sorted out quickly. Depending on complexity, we usually get things done in one call.

You’ve Never Seen Expert Help Like This...
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