You know you need to be sending emails to your list. But what do you say?!

We'll show you what “simple” words can do to get people to pay attention, connect with you, and make more sales.

When It Comes to Writing Emails for Your Business…

The most important thing is this:

The words you send engender a connection and create lifelong customers.

Leads are people who have shown interest in what you do, either by opting into your email list, engaging with your Facebook page or ads, commenting on and sharing your posts, or connecting with you on social media, etc.

These are some of the metrics by which you can gauge how big of an audience you already have.

That said…

If your audience isn’t big enough to net you six figures whenever you sell, below are two types of copywriting services that will change that:

Our Process

Pick A Package

We offer several copywriting packages based on your specific needs. You can get one or all.

Share Your Vision

Tell us about your offer and share the vision you have for your product, program, or service.

Get Results

Once we’re done, you’ll have a new and important asset in business ready to use.

Clients who trust us…

Justin Prince

“Working with Chris and his team is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It helped to put my brand on the map. Their attention to detail, their organizational skills, and their care are second to none. I highly recommend them!”

~ Justin Prince
Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker

“Working with Chris and his team has been a great experience for us. They were professional throughout the process and produced incredible work. We have grown an email list of several hundred leads in no time!”

~ Kirby & Cindy Wright
Entrepreneurs | Authors | Speakers
Kirby & Cindy Wright
Lynn Schroeder

“Having worked with Chris and his team for several years, I can honestly say that they are the best at what they do. Any questions or concerns are answered immediately. I have a beautiful brand that I’m proud of and a website that converts! I would recommend them to anyone.”

~ Lynn Schroeder
Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Speaker

“Chris and his team were incredible to work with! They saved me hundreds of hours of headaches and helped me to create the income and lifestyle of my dreams. I can’t thank them enough!”

~ Bob Heilig
Entrepreneur | Business Coach
Bob Heilig

Our Email Copywriting Services

Email Nurture Campaign

A professionally researched and written 5-part email series customized specifically for your offer to follow up with your leads. All you need is a clear offer and we’ll write for you the perfect series to nurture your leads towards your specified goal.

7-Day Launch Email Sequence

A full week of 10 emails to kick off your product launch the right way. This series has helped countless clients of ours make 10s of thousands of dollars. We’ve put everything into this series and we hope you’ll experience great results too!

Customer Onboarding Email Sequence

The sale is just the beginning of a lifetime customer. You need an onboarding sequence to keep them moving ahead. Get a 5-part email sequence to onboard new customers into your course or program and to encourage their success and engagement.


What makes you different from other copywriting services?

We’re data-driven. That means we put emphasis on testing and optimization to maximize results from what we do. We’ve been refining our writing process for years and we’ll share with you our best practices in the process. We put our hearts and souls into our work.

Can I do this by myself?

We believe anyone can learn to write good copy as long as they’re committed and serious about it. It takes time, money, and a lot of failed attempts (just like we’ve done). And if you’re busy running your business sometimes you simply don’t have the time or you want to leverage the skills of others. Well, good thing you found us. We’re here for you!

What do I need to get started?

We have a special intake form that we’ll send you. Once you fill it out we’ll have a clear understanding of your vision. Don’t worry, we have a very streamlined and organized process. You’ll see. 🙂 Just click the button on this page to get started.

Ready to Send Better Emails?
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